How do I get extra exposure for my Vote Request?

You can have your vote request featured on our site by going to “Feature your request here” Fill out the form and put how many days you want to feature it. Featuring your contest can increase your views and votes. Note: For best results when featuring your contest please link it to your voterequests.com post. There users can comment and let you know they voted. These posts are found on the view-vote-requests area of the site. You can submit a post by filling out the form at the bottom of the home page then confirming your email. You will then receive a email providing you with your voterequests.com link

What is Voterequests.com

Voterequests.com, gives you the opportunity to request votes for any contest/competition you are in. We have created intuitive tools to help you receive votes from fellow voterequests.com users. Therefore, you can win that contest/competition you have put so much effort in.

Isn't this considered cheating?

Absolutely not! Cheating would be using multiple email addresses, multiple I.P addresses or buying votes. On Vote requests all you’re merely doing is exchanging votes with community members who are here for the same reason as you to get votes. Think of it as asking your family and friends for votes Instead of bugging your friends and family you can join a diverse community of people looking to get votes just like you. Not everyone has a support network of friends and family to get votes. That is why Vote requests was created to help those people out at getting votes which otherwise would be quite difficult and time consuming. It is strongly recommended that you read the contest rules before posting a request. Vote requests will not be held liable for any disqualifications as agreed to per our terms.

What if I voted for someone and they didn't return the vote?

First of all, we can’t force anyone to vote for you. It’s entirely up to that member if they want to return the vote. But we do encourage all of our members to return votes if someone voted for them. We have options that you can use to remind that member they need to return votes. 1. You can flag a member who hasn’t returned a vote. Please note you should always wait at least 24 to 48 hours to give that person time to vote for you as they may be busy and just haven’t got around to it yet. 2. Once you flag a member they will get an email letting them know they have unreturned votes if enough people flag that person in our discretion we will delete that members Vote Request and banish them from posting on the site again. 3. Also if you post a vote request and don’t feel comfortable voting for a particular contest such as Facebook contests, entering your email, or other personal info let it be known in your voting instructions so that member doesn’t waste time voting for you.

Why haven't I received a confirmation email yet?

Confirmation emails are sent right away try checking your spam folder if its not in your inbox Please Add Admin@voterequests.com to your contacts so you receive mail from us.

Can I get a refund?

No, all purchases made on the site are final.

What happens when I get flagged?

When you get flagged you will get a email letting you know that you have unreturned votes. You will have up to 48 hours to return all votes or your request will be deleted. We review each flag to make sure there was probable cause for the flag. Do not flag yourself! once a contest is flagged the flag can't be removed.

What happens when my contest expires?

When your contest expires it will be automatically deleted from our site. This is a new feature so any contest entered after January 2013 will be deleted automatically after it expires.

Why was my Vote Request deleted?

Your vote request was deleted for several reasons. 1: you might of entered a non-valid email when posting your request. 2: you re-listed the same contest without going through the re-listing process Vote Requests may delete any contest at its own discretion at any time.

When I comment why is my username hyper linked?

When you post a Request as registered member your username will be hyperlinked to all your requests so when you comment that member can click on your username to go to your voterequests.com url. They can then go and read your vote instructions

How do I re-list my contest?

Each contest you submit will have a re-list option at the bottom. This will let us process your order after which you will get a confirmation email confirming your order.

Why aren't my comments showing?

Sometimes if you post multiple links or are posting for the very first time, our spam filter might hold your comments for moderation.

Why am I getting an error message when I click on a URL?

If you are getting an error message, the URL might have not been submitted correctly. We recommend copying and pasting the broken URL in your web browser this usually works.

How Do I Delete my post?

Your post will be deleted once your contest expires. Or you can contact us. It may take up to one business day for us to delete your vote request. Before submitting your request make sure you have read the rules of the contest that such forms of voting are allowed. Vote Requests is not responsible for you being disqualified. If someone has voted for you already you must return the favor before your request is processed. Note: once your vote request is deleted it will not be reinstated. And if you post it again, It will be deleted.

Can I edit my contest?

No, not at this time

Can I request people sign up under my affiliate link in exchange for votes?

Any type of links or advertisements are strictly prohibited. And will be grounds for banishment from the site. Only contests that require votes are permitted to be posted on vote requests.