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  1. tayloralexthomas says

    liked #618 under ethan stewart 😀
    I have two contests they are very simple (even tho they don’t look like it) Please RTF at
    #1. http://www.mywwwgirl.com/mywwwgirl.php?id=i3p83n0y&r=0&page=1&type=face
    • There are 4 pictures. Please give 5 stars for each picture for a total of 20 stars. If you’re feeling generous please click the like, google+, tweet, and/or pin buttons underneath as well 🙂
    • Make sure you see when to return to vote again otherwise the votes may not have gone through. (This doesn’t apply if it’s after 12am to 6am)

    #2. http://www.ezcontests.com
    • Click on the Cats category and vote for – Meeka
    You need to fill out a quick entry form below to vote. They won’t email you it’s just ensure there is no cheating. Can vote every 12 hours
    Thank you and good luck 🙂

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