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Photo Contest
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  1. jdc0904 says

    Please LIKE Lindsay Rekuc’s post on Main Event Caterers facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/MainEventCaterers) to help us win $5,000 towards a catering package for our wedding.

    – Find Lindsay Rekuc’s name under “recent posts by others” on the right side of the page
    – You may have to hit “see more posts” or “see all” to find Lindsay’s name
    – All you have to do is like the post on facebook

  2. ThSch says


    I gladly like your photo (#300)

    Please rtf by voting for a friend of mine (if you have the time please return daily):
    1) open https://www.facebook.com/turoarum/app_116545528489326?app_data=galerie_1439166585
    2) like the app
    3) If you don’t see the entry by “Andreas”, please reopen the link
    4) When “Andreas”‘ page (showing a guy sitting in front of a rum shelf) is open, click “vote”.
    5) A popup will open telling you that your vote was counted and inviting you to return tomorrow.
    6) Thanks for your vote!



  3. ong7_2001 says

    Voted # 324, Pls return vote to support my little one:

    Let’s vote for my Little one..! Just click LIKE on the photo… I’ll will return your LIKE. Thanks Thanks Thanks ! http://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=403037789760420&id=149220341808834&set=a.400041746726691.96723.149220341808834&__user=745851357#%21/photo.php?fbid=403037789760420&id=149220341808834&set=a.400041746726691.96723.149220341808834&__user=745851357

  4. ShawolCaoulAzizan says

    Hi..Im already vote for you (like #331, shared #47)… hope u can vote for me as well….here my contest URL

    1. https://apps.facebook.com/bi-hariraya/view/1279367158/ddac2ea80915019d08c151bf7e4a301d.html

    – Log in your Facebook
    – click the link and like the page
    – then click the words im already the fans
    – then Click “UNDI” (vote)
    – This contest is One Time Vote only


    2. https://apps.facebook.com/myeg-raya-twelve/entries/view/56#_=_ (Syahrul Ridzuan Bin Azizan)
    3. https://apps.facebook.com/myeg-raya-twelve/entries/view/159#_=_ (Normazaitulakmar)
    1) Log in your facebook
    2) click the link
    3) allow the application
    4) then photo will appear
    5) click “UNDI” to vote
    6) this contest need Daily votes

    Thanks you for ur votes…

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