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  1. joemie1092 says

    Voted! Please vote for my little sister Isabella, she should be on the second page. Or you can search her id number:123174! You can vote daily, so if you wouldn’t mind and doing so I’ll spread the word and help you get a couple of other people to vote for you!!! I really want her to win this! It could help her so much in the future! Have a nice day!https://apps.facebook.com/gerberps/gallery.do?op=submit&type=search&tab=baby&name=123174&city If you follow this link it should take you to her!

    22 votes now!!!

  2. moo says

    Voted for Andy #73. Pls RTF and give me a 1* LIKE at my link below.

    If the site says “This content is currently unavailable”, then you will need to LOG IN to your fb account first before you click onto the link again. It will bring you right to each pic. You will need to sign in to FB in order to view the content of the link. Thanks.



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